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Does ‘The Shack’ Teach Universalism?

From Wm. Paul Young and Stuart Hazeldine.

We are in a time of intense transitions in the landscape of Western Theology.

During such times it is no surprise that precious people will jump to conclusions rather than spend the relational labor to explore a dearly loved assumption. It’s easier to categorize someone than get to know them, their children, their friends.

Of course, I know to be gentle with those who get stuck in these ruts along the way; I was one of them. It usually means that we had further to go and have built up years of not asking questions for fear of being made to feel like a fool. Easier to yell louder than listen.

I greatly appreciate it when someone actually takes the time to ask me personally and relationally what I am saying or writing, rather than assume what I mean. 

No, I don’t believe all roads lead to God, but I do believe that God goes down any road to find us – this I stated clearly in The Shack. Otherwise, the Incarnation and the Passion of Jesus would be meaningless.

Yes, I believe that what God accomplished in the power of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension effects and includes the entire cosmos and every human being ever conceived. I stated that clearly in Lies We Believe About God.

No, I don’t believe in limited atonement, that Jesus died for only a few who God had previously elected. Jesus is the One elected in whom we all died and rose (II Cor 15). We can’t build a trusting relationship with grim determinism.

No, I don’t believe in a doctrine that holds that every person will ultimately be reconciled full back to God. Yes, I hope that is true. In fact, Colossians asks us to pray for that, and I do.

Stuart Hazeldine, the director the The Shack movie, took the time to get to know me and ask these questions. The following is an excerpt from a very recent interview that he did. Click here to continue.