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Lie #3: God is in Control.

From Wm. Paul Young.

I was sitting in a hotel lobby in Orlando, Florida, having a conversation with my friend K, from Germany. Her world-class young athlete friend was recently paralyzed as a result of an on-camera stunt that went horribly wrong. K was distraught. She dried her eyes and said, “I struggle believing this is all part of God’s wonderful plan.”

So do I!

Do we actually believe we honor God by declaring Him the author of all this mess in the name of Sovereignty and Omnipotent Control? Some religious people—and Christians are often among their ranks— believe in grim determinism, which is fatalism with personality.

“Whatever will be, will be. It happened. And since God is in charge, it must be part of God’s plan.”

There is an impassable chasm between a God who takes ownership for Creation along with the havoc we have produced—and One who authors the evil itself. The first you might learn to trust, the latter… twisted lip service at best.

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