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The Evangelical Delusion: “We Are the Persecuted Minority”

By  at patheos

Growing up in the white evangelical church I always found there to be a disconnect. No matter how hard I tried to fit in I couldn’t seem to find any connection with my surroundings. I didn’t understand and neither could I fully comprehend why. I grew up in the same neighborhood(s), wore the same clothes, and there were more than enough kids that were my age, shoot, my parents were even white (I’m adopted). So then what was it?


It wasn’t until later on in life that I figured out, two people in the same area can have two very contrasting experiences. I think this is why it’s said, “no siblings have the same two parents,” as perceptions from person to person will vary far too much for any sound comparison.

Which, swinging it back around, brings me to my understanding of why I’ve always been unable to connect with the Evangelical version of Jesus.

For me, the white evangelical Jesus they handed me was simply un-relatable. He didn’t see my experience. Their gospel didn’t breathe life into my experience, it further perpetuated a societal status-quo of nothingness.

When the pastor professed a Eurocentric Gospel their version of Jesus couldn’t handle or comprehend the weight of an adopted POC’s experience.

You see, if the mechanics of their structure (read: ecclesiology) are centered upon the congregant then, ironically, this negates a vast majority of the New Testaments content (e.g. the life of Christ, the gospel Christ professed, Matthew 25, etc.).

“White Evangelicals Believe They Face More Discrimination Than Muslims…”

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